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  • 👶🏻Safely And Naturally: Easy@Home baby nasal aspirator helps parents safely and naturally cleanse their baby’s nasal cavity to ensure unobstructed breathing. It offers three levels of suction intensity for cleaning dried mucus of varied volumes and excess phlegm. Its soft suction prevents disturbing infants while they sleep. With the Easy@Home baby nasal aspirator, you can take care of your baby effectively at home
  • 👶🏻Distraction Light Mode: The nasal aspirator has a night light mode which shines with colorful light to attract the baby’s attention and comfort the baby. Turn on the device and quickly press the power button 4 times to get this mode
  • 👶🏻Waterproof and Easy to Clean: If the nose aspirator needs cleaning, it can be washed under the tap after each use. The top nozzle can easily be removed, and it is equipped with a small brush for easy cleaning of internal details. There are two reusable nasal suction tips included in the package, which are suitable for babies of different ages and conditions
  • 👶🏻Baby Aspirator Kit: The package comes with 2 reusable nasal suction tips of different sizes and for babies of different ages and conditions. Tweezer ideal for clamping components when cleaning and disinfection. You can also use to pick up baby boogers
  • 👶🏻Note: Lay your baby down on their back. Use nasal saline drops if needed. Place the nozzle of the syringe just outside the baby’s nostril. Place it close enough to seal the nostril, but not inside. Limit use to three to four times per day. An aspirator for babies helps them breathe easier when they have stuffy noses. If your baby continues to have feeding and breathing problems, bring them to the doctor for a proper diagnosis


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