JICCODA L1 5W Laser Engraver Machine,60W DIY Laser Cutter an...




  • ✬EXCELLENT LASER ENGRAVING TECHNOLOGY: JICCODA L1 laser cutting machine, 5w output power, 0.05mm ultra-fine compressed laser focus area, finer engraving process, easy cutting on wood and acrylic.
  • ✬HIGHER ENGRAVING AND CUTTING ACCURACY AND EASY INSTALLATION: JICCODA L1 laser engraving machine,0.05mm*0.05mm ultra-fine compressed spot,engraving image is delicate and alive.Let you get better results more easily.Simple and generous design enables you to install in a very fast time period.
  • ✬SAFETY PERFORMANCE AND EXCELLENT MATERIAL:high strength aluminum,more durable and stable, flame detection,emergency stop switch and 15 °tilt angle protection function,can better maintain safe engraving work.One-piece screw,the fastest running speed can reach 10000mm/min,more stable and flexible when carving complex patterns,so you can get better results more easily.
  • ✬WHAT YOU GET: 1x JICCODA L1 engraving machine,1x eye protection glasses,1x power supply and transmission data cable,1x TF card (installation video and driving machine steps included),1x installation tool and manual
  • ✬WIDE COMPATIBILITY:the machine can be compatible with various mature carving software and can APP control,such as LaserGRBL (free),LightBurn (paid),LaserGRBL supports Windows XP/7/8/10/11,LightBurn supports Mac OS and windows,carving file formats support NC, BMP and JPG, PNG, DXF, etc.


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