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  • 🌿[Responsibly Grown]🌿 – Our Catnip is Non-GMO, responsibly grown, harvest and dehydrated. This is a full catnip plant mixture, ground-up and 100% natural. It is high grade quality with a full-body aromatic Nepetalactone (Catnip) smell. Catnip elicits a response in most cats with few not affected due to genetics.
  • ✨[Value Pack]✨ – This product come with one easy-to-use, biodegradable and eco-friendly container to hold catnip. This is 1 cup of fresh, dehydrated catnip responsibly harvested and a bonus catnip toy. Catnip container is wrapped in featured cartoon graphic.
  • ⭐[Added Toy]⭐ – Value pack comes with 1 mouse toy. One small refillable catnip toys for cats. Mouse toy has draw string and red felt ears. Our single added mouse toy is small but makes a great catnip toys for indoor cats. To use, fill with a few pinches of fresh catnip for cats; pull string on bag and tie closed. Optional: take creative liberties and draw on the toy. Toy size: 2.5” long x 2” wide. Tail is an additional 3 inches long.
  • 🐱[Uses]🐱 – Sprinkle on the ground and watch your feline start to get interested. They will soon be rolling around enjoying the mix! Use in catnip toys for a refreshing vibrant smell; when making cat nip toys; on scratching posts, and in areas you want your cat to hangout. Great deterrent from bad habits.
  • 🎨🐾[Design]🎨🐾 – Our Catnip was designed and is hand assembled in the Midwest with each product checked individually. If you are not 100% satisfied with your catnip purchase, we offer Amazon’s refund policy. We also encourage you to reach out to so we may help assist you.


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