Wild Planet Skipjack Solid Light Wild Tuna In Pure Olive Oil...




About this item

  • Single-serve – This 2.82oz can of tuna is the perfect size for a delicious snack or a light lunch. There is no waste and no need to store leftovers.
  • Simple & pure ingredients –Our skipjack is hand-packed with pure Olive oil and just a touch of sea salt. We never include any added water or fillers.
  • Protein-rich – each serving of our non-GMO, skipjack solid light wild tuna in pure olive oil has 13g of protein for a wonderfully satisfying eating experience.
  • Low in mercury – We only source small, migratory tuna that are naturally lower in mercury. Amongst all tuna species, skipjack is one of the lowest in mercury.
  • Wild skipjack tuna – Our skipjack is light in color, has exceptional tuna flavor and because it is packed in pure olive oil, it has a wonderful, Silky-smooth texture.


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